165,000 new cars are produced every day, each made up of thousands of parts.  In addition to the countless barcode labels that are used for parts marking and shipping, numerous labels and documents are printed during vehicle assembly.

Compliance Labeling


Printronix understands that the manifests, BOLs, AIAG labels, and Parts labels, created for the manufacturing, packaging, and transporting of automotive parts are extremely mission critical. Not to mention that automotive suppliers must adhere to strict compliance labeling requirements. Only Printronix offers a fully integrated and automated validation solution for ensuring every barcode printed meets or exceeds the most strict compliance requirements.  Returned product and compliance fines can now be a thing of the past. And when traceability demands it, Printronix Data Manager allows automotive suppliers to maintain a record of every barcode printed on every label.

Automotive Assembly

Printronix Line Matrix printers continue to be used by the world’s largest auto manufacturers for the printing of the Build Sheets used throughout assembly. Where other print technologies have failed, Printronix Line Matrix technology has always proven to deliver far superior up-time reliability and a much lower cost of ownership.  Stopping an assembly line is a serious thing… And at Printronix we’re serious about building the world’s most dependable printers.


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