There over 36 government types across nearly 200 countries around the world providing services to their people.

Public Services

Printronix has the flexibility to print in local languages, including double-byte languages such as Arabic or Mandarin, enabling low cost and direct communication options for government offices.   Whether publishing tax bills, dispensing pension checks or multi-part forms such as election forms, Printronix makes public services benefits possible.


Tracking imports and exports is an important revenue source for governments.

By leveraging Printronix Line Matrix offerings, government agencies are able to print on multi-part forms as the fastest and efficient means to capture compliance related to shipment duties.


Financial Services

Providing government-sponsored financial services to all citizens requires governments to operate at the lowest cost structure possible.  Leveraging Line Matrix print technology provides the lowest cost of print. Whether printing account statements, insurance policies, or reports, government offices can reduce their complex process & cost while delivering financial services to all.


Providing water and electricity to tens of millions means millions of invoices need to be printed on a monthly basis.  To effectively print these invoices on a timely manner within a billing cycle, you need a reliable high speed printer.  Nothing does that better than Line Matrix technology, the most durable high speed printer available today.

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