Printronix line matrix printers obtained the energy conservation certification and environmental certification of Chinese government

Shanghai, March 2 –Printronix high-speed line matrix printer P8000 series smoothly passed the energy conservation certification of the China Committee for Certification of Energy Conservation Product, obtained the environmental labelling certification of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People’s Republic of China, and were shortlisted in the latest energy conservation products purchasing list and the environment-friendly products purchasing list of Chinese government. China environmental labelling certification certificate number: CEC0442014010; Energy conservation certification certificate number: CQC14701114971/CQC14701114927/CQC14701114926/CQC147011149399. The obtaining of the two certifications manifests the comprehensive strength of Printronix high-speed line matrix printer in performance quality, energy conservation and environmental protection, and also fully shows the strong research & development strength and credibility of Printronix. Printronix strictly requires that specific energy conservation and environmental protection requirements shall be met during the production, use and disposal of its products. Compared with similar products, Printronix products have such environmental advantages as energy conservation, low toxicity and less pollution, and have several industry-leading techniques.

Line Matrix Printing Technology3.10.20153.10.2015 (2)

Printronix is the inventor of high-speed line matrix printing technology. High-speed line printer is the highest-grade product in the family of impact (stylus) printers, which can realize continuous high-speed printing for a long time under heavy load; with excellent multi-printing ability, easy operation, low printing cost, good stability, and minimum maintenance, it has become the preferred model for bulk data printing in domestic industries. Organizations in such fields as logistics, public service, tax administration, retailing, finance, medical treatment, and education have special demands for centralized printing of bills, invoices and statements. Normal stylus printers cannot continuously
print for a long time due to technical limitation, with frequent stylus breakage and paper jam, and have high costs of consumables and maintenance, while Printronix line matrix printers can realize 7×24-hour continuous heavy-load printing and reach a printing speed up to 2000 lines per minute, and the printing cost is only one-tenth of that of laser printers.

Environmental Protection

Printronix is committed to reducing environmental pollution, and always develops and implements programs for reducing waste discharge and promoting cyclic utilization in all aspects of product design in production
and research & development. Printronix has won the “California Waste Discharge Reduction Award” founded by the California Integrated Waste Management Board, a member of California Environmental Protection Agency. The award recognizes the efforts made by Printronix in implementing recyclable materials and printer renovation programs. The programs above can prevent waste from being discharged to local garbage dumps.

In addition, all Printronix products meet the EU RoHS (Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances) regulations and the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) management regulations; the above regulations prohibit the use of some materials, require using recyclable packing materials, and propose old product recycling programs.

From the perspective of sustainability, Printronix realizes cyclic utilization or reuse and reduce the impact of old products on the environment through designs. This includes both that printer hardware can be returned to the factory for renovation and reused as renovated products, and that special design enables Printronix line matrix printer to print papers with the most recycled content so as to recycle consumables and save resources for our earth.

To ensure a bright future, we need to purchase energy-efficient and environment-friendly products, so as to contribute our part for a better environment.

③★A0201060104 Stylus Printer

ManufacturerBrandProduct modelEnergy conservation certification certificate numberExpiration date of energy conservation product certification certificate
Printronix, Inc.PRINTRONIXLMPCHSCQC147011149712017-08-26


A0201060104 Stylus Printer                  Governmental purchasing list of environmental labelling products

Technical requirement for environmental labeling products Printers, Fax machines, Multifunction devices: HJ 2512-2012

No.Enterprise nameBrandProduct name, specification and modelChina environmental labelling certification certificate numberExpiration date of certification certificate
1Printronix, Inc.(No.1237092)LMPCHS(P8206H)CEC 044 20140102017-06-22
LMPCHS(P8208H)CEC 044 20140102017-06-22
LMPCHS(P8215)CEC 044 20140102017-06-22
LMPCHS(P8220)CEC 044 20140102017-06-22
LMPCLS(P8203H)CEC 044 20140102017-06-22
LMPCLS(P8205)CEC 044 20140102017-06-22
LMPCLS(P8210)CEC 044 20140102017-06-22
LMPPHS(P8006H)CEC 044 20140102017-06-22
LMPPHS(P8006HT)CEC 044 20140102017-06-22
LMPPHS(P8006HZT)CEC 044 20140102017-06-22
LMPPHS(P8203H-L)CEC 044 20140102017-06-22
LMPPHS(P8206H-L)CEC 044 20140102017-06-22
LMPPLS(P8003H)CEC 044 20140102017-06-22
LMPPLS(P8003HT)CEC 044 20140102017-06-22
LMPPLS(P8003HZT)CEC 044 20140102017-06-22
LMPPLS(P8005)CEC 044 20140102017-06-22
LMPPLS(P8005ZT)CEC 044 20140102017-06-22
LMPPLS(P8010)CEC 044 20140102017-06-22
LMPPLS(P8010ZT)CEC 044 20140102017-06-22
LMPPLS(P8205-L)CEC 044 20140102017-06-22
LMPPLS(P8210-L)CEC 044 20140102017-06-22


About Printronix

Printronix was established in America in 1974 with its headquarter in California; as the inventor of high-speed line matrix printers, Printronix now has 27 major branches around the world. In 1998, Printronix came to China and established an after-sales service center in Shenzhen, engaged in local customer service and application support. Afterwards, Printronix opened offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Shenzhen in succession to extend its marketing and service network to every major city in China. In 2007, Printronix formally founded Printronix China in Shanghai.

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