Printronix Auto ID Introduces T800, A High Performance Thermal Desktop Printer with RFID


Brea, CA., Nov 13, 2018 – Printronix Auto ID, Inc., a global leader in reliable industrial printing solutions has introduced the T800, a high-performance thermal desktop printer. The T800 offers enterprise-level productivity, dependable performance and a suite of versatile features such as RFID, and WiFi with advanced security protocols.

Strengthening its existing desktop thermal printer range, the T800 offers enterprise-level productivity and advanced features usually found only in industrial printers. A high-performance ARM A7 processor offers fast time to first print and it is easily capable of producing over 1,000 labels per day. Its 300-meter ribbon ensures fewer roll changes and therefore less downtime.

One of the key differentiators between traditional desktops and the T800 is its ability to print RFID labels. The T800 with optional UHF RFID was designed to meet the growing demand for encoding and printing RFID labels at an affordable price. Retail, manufacturing, and healthcare are just a few of the industries that use RFID to track products throughout the supply chain, take inventory in real-time or locate assets within the enterprise. The T800 makes printer setup for encoding and printing of RFID labels fast and easy. Not only can it support labels down to .625 inches in length, but the antenna can be adjusted for non-standard inlay positions. Further, the RFID label calibration function automatically sets the optimal label encoding position within the printer.

“The T800 represents the latest in an aggressive growth strategy that has marked the Printronix product line for the past few years with a special focus on high-end features such as RFID and exclusive technologies such as barcode verification solutions.” said Andy Edwards, Director of Product Management

The T800 is also Printronix’s first desktop printer to incorporate its renowned Printronix System Architecture (PSA) and includes a full suite of labor-saving features and printer management tools for easy day-to-day operations. PSA is an exclusive intelligent design platform that combines advanced features with a common set of building blocks to simplify printer installation, operation, and improve productivity.

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